Grasp the position of mall display showcase

Shopping malls is our daily life trading place, a good shopping showcase not only make customers enjoyable, but also more convenient for us to find out what we need. So Kong-da think that the mall showcase and store decoration is very important.
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The style design of the mall showcase should be emphasized when design, the position of mall display showcase manufacturers should be reasonable, the size of the showcase should also should be combined with ergonomic design, high and low phase patchwork. If Shopping malls showcase layout changes too much,exhibition cabinet will easy to make messy feeling, so the design of the mall showcase should be vivid and rhythmic visual effects.
In the mall showcase design of the overall shape, according to the brand style positioning to select the appropriate style. In the mall showcase layout, the designers are generally used to separate the independent room divided into three areas: Quiet area, far from the windows, the light is relatively weak, the noise is relatively small, put the water platform, wardrobe is more appropriate; Bright District, close to the window, bright light, suitable for reading and writing, to put the desk, bookshelf as well; Action area, the entrance hall of the aisle, expect walking area, also can placed some desks which can move in this area.
Meanwhile, that should be communicate with the designer before design, and declare the functional requirements of shop in advance.