Manufacture environmentally friendly jewelry showcase

Jewelry showcase not only need high-end , but also need environmentally friendly, so that can re-use recycling. Times in progress, Kong-da display showcase should also need to progress, environmental protection is all walks of life should be done, our factory also follow the concept of social development.


Since kong-da display establish, it has been from the environmental aspects. Because the jewelry showcase environmental protection and wood showcase quality has a great relationship, as a high-end jewelry showcase must be environmentally friendly, Kong-da display showcase factory is never produced low-end showcase.

Jewelry showcase environmental protection is reflected in the clean, non-polluting, odorless, easy to recover, this is the high-end jewelry showcase, high-end jewelry showcase must be environmentally friendly, for workmanship, quality is required.


There is not environmentally friendly jewelry showcase in current market, and now the market is difficult to find such a professional manufacturing high-end jewelry showcase manufacturers, it is difficult to meet environmental requirements, and many showcase factory do not have High-grade stainless steel showcase production technology, ordinary wooden paint showcase, paint production line pollution is very large, and the production of jewelry exhibition cabinet easy to aging in order to be able to quickly complete and obtain benefits, and provide these non-paint showcase, which make it difficult to believe that the market exit really showcase.


Kong-da display focus on environment-friendly showcase over 14 years. Know more information about showcase industry, welcome to Kong-da display.