Sharing Jewelry products display cabinet manufacturers production experience

Kong-da display according to years of product display cabinet manufacturers production experience, this article share jewelry showcase production experience on this article to: jewelry commodity is undoubtedly the luxury of the shopping experience, so the jeweler is very focused on consumer using experience, Such as follow-up services to follow up the survey and provide some outsourcing services, etc., through these practices to bind the customer's heart, of course, this is one of the measures of product service experience, The consumer's shopping experience, including the impact of the store vi image, of course,it is mainly for the jewelry showcase design, jewelry display cabinet display style and other factors, meanwhile,followed by the goods to convey the message experience, which of course also includes the jewelry showcase for commodity information to communicate.
Therefore, the jewelry showcase play an irreplaceable and beyond doubt role in jewelry store, the production of jewelry show have a higher demand, including the selection of raw materials 
For example, generally, store will use the following lamps: T5 lamp, Ray Light, led lights, these different lamps have different prices, but the value is reflected in the different too, so the jewelry showcase will be based on different functional requirements of different display areas and experience the needs to purchase different lamps, a variety of lamps used in mixed can make jewelry products display better and more comprehensive.
In addition, the production of jewelry show have two indispensable material, one is the board, the use of board of course have several, such as particleboard, MDF, solid wood, etc., while the other is the glass, glass is indispensable because of the characteristics of the glass and the special of jewelry products, jewelry products is metal elements, metal elements and the glass under the light can be more perfect on the crystal goods