The Style of Shopping Mall Showcase is developed from the plate display cabinet manufacturers

Shopping malls showcase design and production generally based on the image of the brand, so different shops have their own showcase style. Kong-da display analyze the different shopping malls showcase style for you.
A. Chinese Style
Chinese style showcase have rich traditional Chinese culture. Accumulated a profound cultural heritage. Chinese style showcase general selection of solid wood materials, materials used in the basic high-grade solid wood materials, such as mahogany, sandalwood, pear and so on. Processing means is generally pattern carving. After the completion of processing and then spray three to four times finish paint. Therefore, the Chinese style showcase due to high raw material prices, complex processing and cumbersome, the price has been high. But because of its well-produced, and reflects the essence of traditional Chinese furniture art, many customers like it. Suitable for liquor, tea, jade, antique and other products.
B. European style
European style of the showcase is based on European-style construction and furniture developed. Simple Europe style mainly is the lines and colors in general, the European style showcase is only part of the European style of furniture, in the mall showcase solid wood is simple European style general choice.
C. Modern style
Modern style showcase is also developed from the plate display cabinet manufacturers, in the development of two decades, continuous integration of new materials and new design elements, thus achieve today the showcase production style. The things of Modern style in the mall showcase is generally more popular, style is more fashionable and more attractive.