Three major points of Clothing showcase design

Clothing showcase not only play the role of display products, but also display brand image, shape the shop style, so the pre-decoration of the clothing display is very important decoration.

A. Determine the style of clothing showcase design

According to the brand image to determine the style of clothing showcase, which decided to showcase style, is it solemn generous, or easy fashion? The style should be sure to determine first and then start to design. The beauty of harmony is a major aesthetic standard in China.

B. Determine the material of clothing showcase design

According to the style and budget selection of clothing showcase to choose the material, solid wood, acrylic, glass, stone, metal, ceramics, synthetic materials are the best choice. Solid wood, metal, synthetic materials and so on used much in the production process.

C. The application of layout the lighting in clothing showcase

The main role of light is to create an atmosphere of the environment, increase the visual impact of the product for consumers. Generally, in the atmosphere of the background of the original color becomes softer or sharp in the light atmosphere, which will make consumers feel more satisfied with the product and resulting in consumer behavior.