Common Questions about Display

What will influence price.

It relates to materials,the better the material,the higher the quality.

How long it can be used.

It depends on quality,like midrange display,it will be used about 15 to 20 years.High-end display could be used at least 20 years. different material and technology influence life span of display.

How to maintain display to prolong life Span

About common display,we have four ways to keep it good:

1.Clear regularly,keep the display dry and clean

2.Keep the room ventilated to make sure the temperature and humidity.

3.Avoid sun exposure.

4.Away from water.

How long it will take to make the display

Because the display is all customized,so it needs a little long time to make the display,normally,it is 15 days for sample,and 20 days for formal order.