How to display good looking for cosmetic showcase?

Kongda display showcase share some stills of cosmetic showcase display with you.


1. Art beauty: cosmetics showcase display should be under the premise of maintaining the beauty of cosmetic, through the art of making cosmetics clever layout, embraced each other to achieve the overall beauty of the artistic effect, reach novel and unique display the way. Pay attention to a certain aesthetic principles, beautiful, generous, symmetrical, coordination, but also appropriate to use some jewelry, etc., make full use of artistic show the beauty of cosmetics.

2. Illustrative: various information pf cosmetics showcase, such as price, number, fabric, brand, origin, etc., should be comprehensive and true, which easy for consumers to know more about cosmetics showcase merchandise.

3.Eye-catching: In order to attract consumers, easy for them to buy, retail stores should be based on the characteristics of cosmetics flexible selection of cosmetic display parts, display space, placements, stacking methods, so that customers can at a glance.

4. Rich sense: cosmetics belong to optional goods, consumers want to have more choices in the purchase, so that they can compare with their quality, style, color, price .

5, Rationalization: According to the psychological requirements of consumers and their shopping habits, for the same species or the same series of cosmetics showcase should be displayed in the same location. The height of display should be appropriate, improve the visibility of cosmetics and positive visual effects, which is easy for consumers to watch and feeling.

In short, clever display of cosmetics on the brand image, corporate image have recognition and strengthening effect, meanwhile, through the cosmetics display to create a good store sales environment.