As we all know that every product needs to maintain regularly for longer service life, so do the display, below is some methods for you.


I. Cleaner Duster Cloth

When you clean the display, you must use the clean duster cloth, it will keep the display more smooth and brighter.


II.The Suitable Cleaner

To keep the display brighter, you can use furniture polish wax and Cleaner.The first one is better for wood, polyester and plastic laminated sheet etc.The second one is better for wood,glass,synthetic wood,especial the display with different materials.So you need to make sure what material about your display, then choose the suitable one.


III.Methods for Maintenance:

a.Use Beer

Take 1400ML pale beer,then boil it,pour 14g sugar and 28g beeswax into it, mix them evenly,when the mixed liquor is cooling,then use the duster cloth dips into it,then clean the display.


b.Use White Vinegar

Mixing the white vinegar and hot water with the proportion of 1:1,then clean the display.


a.Dust Cloth Option

Do not use coarse cloth or old cloth.Use towel,cotton cloth or flannel which much better to absorb water.

b.Do not use soap-suds or dishwashing liquidto clean display.