Main Materials for Jewelry Display

Stainless steel is very common in commercial display,especially in jewelry display.For traditional display,wooden is more important,like wood jewelry display,wood glass display,but now,stainless steel is more popular.It looks more beautiful than wood.

Nowadays,the main materials for jewelry display are tempered glass and stainless steel.

The role about stainless steel in jewelry making:surface can be made brushed,it can also be  painted in titanium,rose gold,black steel etc,these are widely used in jewelry display,high-class watch display,golden store,high-class crafts etc,Because stainless steel is a little expensive,the cost is high,and a little complicated to process,so it is always used in high -class products.How to combined the material with the products you want to display also the whole store decoration,design is very important.Meantime,carefully crafted is also important.

With the improvement and change of commercial display,more and more different  materials are used to mach different products.It can show the products in different way to let more customers know it,then choose the suitable one.