Why showcase take nail eye?

According to statistics, in the showcase industry, the cabinet take nail eye as high as 70%. After the problem appears, mosty of the showcase may need to rework paint, this will not only affect the quality but also increase the cost.

The general cause of the nail eyes as follows:

1. the plate: Showcase production is usually made using MDF processing, MDF has a strong absorption, it is prone to thermal expansion and contraction phenomenon under the construction or storage.

2. the original ash: there are a lot of repair products in the market. It is estimated that a lot of showcase factory have tried a lot (such as the original ash, 502 glue, etc.), but still exists many problem

3. construction: nail eye repair process, if not fill the nail hole well, it will affect the stability of the nail after the paint

All in all:  The phenomenon of nail eye in the showcase technology is mainly not used suitable repair products for nail eye.If choose the special nail filling products, this problem will resolved quickly.

Our factory has been in this industry for 14 years, take nail eye this phenomenon still not happen, we take high attention to the quality, choose the best materials.

Do showcase choose professional manufacturer.