The Aspect About Wooden Display Price-1

Wooden Display Case is the common type in the modern society,it is  widely used in many products,like clothes,jewelry, watch,food,handbags, shoes, etc.


When the clients choose wooden display,they always decide which one they like by price,especially the one who cannot visit the factory,price is the main aspect for them.But we all know that we get what we pay off.Now I will tell you some aspects that influence the price.

First of all,it is the basic aspect,it is Material,the wooden material includes MDF, Plywood,Retardant MDF,Retardant Plywood etc.Each one also have different quality,so the price is also different,but most clients don’t care about these,they just want the lower price.They don’t know that the lower one maybe has potential risk also east deformation.That’s why the price is low.