The Most Influencing Factors To A Factory Competitiveness

There are so many factors that influence a factory competitiveness,Financial Capacity,Design Capacity,Technology Capacity,Point of Production,Production Technology,After-sales Service,etc,these all very important for a factory.If we want to find out the most important factor,also the core competitiveness for a display factory.


Different factories have different mission in different stages.The core competitiveness is innovation.It includes Management Innovation and Technology Innovation.

The whole word goes into a internet age,so every display factory need to change their strategy,The Internet helps clients to find more products in this field,so they will compare to so many factories to see which is more better for them,so if you want to standing out in so many factories,you need to innovate to attract the clients.

Management Innovation You need to change your sales strategy to let more customers find you,trust you and cooperate with you.

Technology Innovation,Through your higher technology to lower your cost,improve your competitiveness.

Kong-da is on the way to this new world.