The Process about Making A Display

There are 9 main processes that finishing a display.

First,after telling us the requirements and detailed information from our client,our designer will make the design according to his needs.

Second,After confirming the every details,we will make the display for clients.We will cut the original material in different shapes.

Third,assemble the pieces together according to the display structure.

Fourth,sand the nails which connect pieces,so the surface will be smooth.

Fifth,Paint primer,then sand the surface,paint primer again,sand again,then paint finishing coat,sand surface,paint finishing coat and sand,so it looks more smooth,and not easy to scratch.

Sixth,Engrave or silk-screen the words on the display,like LOGO,product name and other parts that clients want.

Seventh,Polish acrylic part to make them more clear,more beautiful and more smooth.

Eighth,Install every part together to see if it is workable,if yes,we will pack them.